Tim’s young life went downhill fast when his father died. After getting addicted to drugs and dropping out of high school, Tim soon found himself serving two-to-ten in a Georgia prison. Discover how Living Enlivened showed Tim the “true meaning of life” and how he is making a difference today!

Liz experienced terrible abuse at the hands of a former lover, a tragedy that led to depression as an adult. One night, hurt and lonely, she grabbed a knife and prepared to end her pain. But working with Living Enlivened she began to make big changes in her life.

Living a life of partying and drinking, Kent knew that he was on the wrong path of living.  He realized that he needed to make a change and came to Living Enlivend.

Omar grew up under the pressures of being a police officer's child. Unable to live up to the expectations of others he ran away from his friends and family. After years of running away Omar began to better undestand how to deal with those expectations through our developmental coaching program.

Struggling with the divorce of her parents, Latisha found herself dealing with depression and a difficult drinking problem.  After realizing that the way she lived her life effected those around her she decided to seek help through Living Enlivened.  

Thank you Living Enlivened - Liz
Thank you for holding me down guys - Omar
You help me change and I am thankful for that - Kent
i am enlivend and thankful guys - Latisha
Thru him all is possible... Thank you! - Tim 

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