This program is designed for those who are open, willing, and ready to create and live powerfully into a future designed for themselves.

Living Enlivened is a consulting group that is committed to empowering individuals in creating a holistic view of what they want for themselves and their lives. We are also committed to empowering businesses, organizations, governmental entities and clergy in developing leadership skills such that they create leaders and then those leaders develop other leaders. We develop a customized program for each organization to develop or enhance particular goals with an underlying theme of each leader empowers the other leaders in the fulfillment of what is important to each individual as well as the group as a whole.  As a result of individuals and organizations being empowered, the communities in which these individuals and organizations interact are empowered in new ways. 


Individual Consulting: Within 7 Days, we will empower you in creating an unimaginable future that pulls you into being and pulls you into action. Without consideration of your past or current circumstances, be ready to adventure into the unknown, play with endless possibilities, and access your limitless creativity.  


Business Consulting: Most businesses, organizations, and governmental entities expend most of their time designing the business and the business structure. Rarely do the leaders of these organizations take the time to think about the environment in which the business takes place.


Our plan has a two- part process. We work with the organization’s leadership in creating the environment and exploring what kind of people are required to have their desired work environment actualized. We then begin to empower the organizational leadership in creating a holistic view of life where all parts of their life are fulfilled. The second part of the first plan is where we work with the employees in cultivating the work environment in which they work and having them be responsible for the environment as well. They begin to take ownership of the environment as well as their lives. We then empower the employees within the organization in creating a holistic view of their lives such that all areas of their lives are fulfilled. Our process has been proven to increase happiness and productivity in the workplace.

Clergy Empowered to Empower Program:  This program is designed for clergy and their leadership team. This program is designed to empower clergy in getting clear on what is important to their leadership team and empowering their leadership team in having the life they truly want. In turn, we empower the leadership team in getting a clear view of what is important to the clergyman and empowering clergy in the fulfillment of what matter for his or her life.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it. - J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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